Stuart Leibsohn

Delphi Business Properties

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Hager Pacific’s (HPP) entry into the San Fernando Valley real estate market. HPP now owns over one-million square feet in the Valley but during a three-year span in the 1990s, Hager Pacific accumulated a portfolio of four business parks comprising over 60 units and 400,000 square feet that it continues to own and operate today. For the great majority of this time, Stu Leibsohn of Delphi Business Properties has represented HPP as the exclusive broker of this entire business park portfolio.

HPP’s relationship with Stu, defined by loyalty, cooperation and trust, serves as the prototype for a productive and mutually beneficial landlord-broker relationship. For his remarkable contribution to HPP over the past quarter century, we honor Stu Leibsohn as HPP’s Fall 2018 Featured Broker.

As a Partner and later Senior Vice President at Delphi Business Properties, Stu has completed over 3,000 transactions during his 32-year career as a broker. Stu’s uncanny knowledge of the San Fernando Valley gained from working and living in the area differentiates Stu from other brokers. A graduate of Cal Berkeley’s undergraduate business program, a former member of the US Army reserves and an accomplished leader in the Jewish community, Stu has made a lasting and profound impact upon those who have been fortunate enough to cross paths with him. HPP Managing Partner Adam Milstein said, “we are proud to call Stu a member of the HPP team and appreciate his decades long partnership with our firm.”

Hager Pacific Properties greatly values all that Stu has done for our firm, and we offer him our congratulations on this most deserved recognition!