About Hager Pacific

Investing In Community

It’s all about community. It’s about adding value and investing in places and people.

Ingrained in the fabric of everything we do is our connection to people and the relationships those connections create. What serves the greater good and rewards us as individuals and as a company as a whole, is a dedicated commitment to always doing what’s right, not what’s necessarily easy.

We are driven and focused on being creative, nimble, and open minded; leaving behind any preconceived notions, constantly learning and being mindful of the needs of others, with our north star always pointed toward possibility. For us, that’s investing in community.

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Who We Are

Our Vision

Hager Pacific Properties will continue our standing as a leading owner of commercial real estate in California and the nation as a whole. We will provide unquestioned value to brokers and sellers by being able to skillfully navigate complex transactions to their successful completion. We will profoundly impact communities by repositioning challenged properties into functional assets. We will act with the highest level of integrity understanding that an impeccable reputation is our most important asset.

A Look Into

Our Approach

Using our substantial internal capital, we specialize in purchasing properties that range from those in stabilized condition suitable for a long term hold to those that are aging, vacant, environmentally impacted, or under-performing. Because of a tightly knit management structure, we pride ourselves on committing to and closing a transaction in a rapid time period that defies industry standards.

The managing partners direct all acquisition, renovation and asset management activities, which result in an efficient decision-making process. Brokers and sellers appreciate our firm’s transparent, streamlined and professional approach.

Who We Are

Our Values

We strive to make an indelible impact in our community. We proudly serve all aspects of our nation’s dynamic economic engine. Our firm’s biggest strength is it’s people, a team of dedicated individuals united under the common goal of providing sustainable and desirable properties to residents and business people.

How We Succeed

Our continued pursuit of excellence is predicated on the following core values:

Investment Philosophy

We are guided by an investment philosophy implemented through the acquisition of properties ranging from passive, well-leased investments to those that are under-performing, aged, or environmentally impacted.

Property Management

Our investments become more valuable through careful management and repositioning, renovation, or reuse of the property.

No Project Too Challenging

Our Managing Partners have over a century’s worth of real estate experience. They possess the knowledge and experience to resolve complex issues that arise during the acquisition and ownership process.

We self-fund our real estate investments without the use of outside capital so transactions are not contingent on any external approvals and can be rapidly completed. We own and manage over 100 properties throughout the United States including 2,300 apartment units and 12 million square feet of industrial and commercial property.

Experienced Portfolio

We own and manage over 100 properties throughout the United States including 2,300 apartment units and 12 million square feet of industrial and commercial property. Our portfolio is valued at over $2 billion.

Meet Our Senior Team

Adam Milstein

Managing Partner

David Hager

Managing Partner

Robert Neal

Managing Partner

Jason Schirn

Chief Investment Officer

Moshe Hager

Chief Strategy Officer

John Dobrott

Vice President - Asset Management

TK McWhertor

Investment Manager

Bob Grunauer

Director of Legal Affairs/Property Management

Carole Keligian

Asset Manager

David Loth

Asset Manager

Diana Olson

Asset Manager

Jennifer Penney

Asset Manager

Addie Calkin

Asset Manager

Cathy Chong


Connie Cooper

Director of HR/Accounting Manager

Cynthia Pantoja


Erin Gentry

Executive Assistant