Trent Walker

Voit Real Estate Services

For nearly 40 years, Trent Walker has been a leading broker in the Southern California industrial real estate market with a proven track record exceeding $2 Billion in transactions. Trent has long been a friend of the Hager Pacific family and has been able to find tenants for several of our properties.

Last year, HPP had a $50 million exchange requirement, and we were struggling to identify replacement properties in a slowing market. Trent came to us with an opportunity in Corona which was very appealing for our trade requirement. The seller had a property leased at a below market rate for several years but, in order to unlock the value of their equity, was willing to sell it for a below market price. The building itself is very functional and HPP’s long-term investment horizon made the low lease rate less of a concern. Trent was able to work with both HPP and the seller to bridge the gap in value and successfully get the property under contract and the transaction across the finish line.

Congratulations to Trent Walker for being selected as Hager Pacific’s Featured Broker of the Quarter.